AKSES Smart Grid Systems has been founded to offer measurement, monitoring and managment solutions on energy related matters, specifically; natural gas, electricity and water.

Its main purpose is to provide solutions to the sector from a new perspective. Our goal is to serve the best to our customers with Ace Center software which suitable for customization based on client’s needs and high-quality hardware for measurement and communication, which is produced with high standards and modern technology.

We contribute to the energy sustainability and efficiency both in our country and in the world by taking the lead with expert solutions through our innovative products.

As a company who offers a wide range of services, we are one of the leading technology providers in our field. In our projects, we offer sustainable and dependable solutions that meet the needs of all partners.

We are proud to offer fast, constant, and quality after-sales support. The continuity and expeditiousness for services are requirement in the energy sector.

We, as AKSES, are aware of the responsibilities being in the energy sector carry and have so far satisfied our customer base with our effort for responsible service.  

Why We Are Different

"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected."

As AKSES Smart Grid Systems, work hard to offer you the best products and the service without making a concession on quality. We produce both software and hardware with highest quality and have them certified from international accreditation organizations. We shape our systems based on our clients’ need even we already have a wide range of products. We don’t expect you to adapt to our products, we customize our products for you. We do not consider our business completed upon sale. Technical support, maintenance, software update, meticulousness on education and engineering, attention to detail and punctuality are vital components of our business.